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New Years Day

Thanks to Jono & Todd the windsock on the North Boulder Ridge was reinstalled on Saturday! Many of us got sled rides.

Sunday looks similar. Jet stream is to the north of us. Winds aloft are lighter. Local weather forecast shows another day of light easterly winds. NBR showing light and variable winds.

Happy new year and time to think about  adding another week in Tapalpa, Mexico January 23–30th?

I have reservations to fly—3 hour direct flight—to Guadalajara, Mexico  on Monday, January 23 with Volaris Airlines for ~$150!

I have 2 less experienced pilots coming on Friday, January 27th to get started early before rest of group comes on Monday, January 30th. This group it full.

If you want to come early, let me know and we can fit you in.

Details at


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