Weekend flying October 20 & 21st

This weekend looks to be great flying for October. Yesterday I saw several soaring flights. Here is my Diorama.

Saturday and Sunday look good also.  Regional weather map shows high pressure and clear skies over area. Thermal soaring forecast is good—-700’/min—starting at 12:45 and nor over development.  NBR is light and variable early.

Last weekends snow reminded me of the approaching winter.  On February 3—10th I will be doing my last Tapalpa, Mexico flying trip. Anyone P2 or higher may attend these 6 days of flying but space is limited to 9 participant. Get your reservation to me if you want to get a break from CO’s cold weather and fly in shorts and t-shirts in February.

I have recently been flying my Rush 5 and have decided to sell my Delta 3. I see little difference in performance but more stability in the Rush 5.  Let me know if you want to demo my MS Rush 5 or Delta 3.

Saturday’s Ridge Soaring!

A Canadian Cold Front is approaching from the North! When this arrives expect steady NE winds and cold temperatures!   Local weather forecast shows it arriving late afternoon.  Look for its approach on the State Weather round up.  When winds turn NE in Ft. Collins and Longmont, you will know it is on its way.

In the meantime,  enjoy last years video of flying in Tapalpa, Mexico.  This will repeat February 3—10th, 2019. Details here.

See you out there when cold front arrives!


Saturday looks good & …

Saturday flying continues to look good as many long flights happened this week including the first flight from here to Wyoming!  Over development has been rare so many glass off flights occur including my 5PM start last week.

Regional Map shows clear skies and heat over area.   Local weather forecast calls for increasing easterly winds all day.  Thermal soaring forecast is excellent—1,000’/min starting at 11:45AM and no over development forecast—-glass off?

Remember that fall Ridge Soaring Clinic in Grand Junction is coming soon: October 4—7th.  P2 or P3 pilots challenged to get airtime here will find it easy to soar at both Otto’s Ridge and Reader Mesa. Let me know if you would like join us.


Saturday looks short

Wednesday’s glass off XC flight was unexpected.  Strong westerly winds at Sugar Loaf had delayed our launch until 5PM and seeing several pilots sled down, I was happy to just launch.  I rolled the dice hoping I might catch a weak thermal but after three 360’s, I was still below launch!

Things improved higher and I was able to slowly climb to 2,000′ above launch.  Since this is my start XC altitude & strong southerly winds were present,  I headed towards Lyons. Here is part of my flight on video and here is my Dorama track.

Saturday looks short with a 30% chance of thunderstorms.  Local forecast calling for easterly winds until this afternoon of the day. Increasing cloudiness.

Thermal soaring forecast is short but strong (1,021’/min): first thermal at 11:30AM and over development at 2PM!

The Ozone Rush 5 continues to be the hot wing. I will have a SM to demo at the fall Ridge Soaring Clinic in Grand Junction  October 4–7th.

Friday evening: 1 hour of bliss!

Friday evening was an illusive glass off at North Boulder. Launch conditions at 4:40 PM were so light I feared having to do a forward launch but this was better than walking down. One descending pass across the hill showed me that thermalling was my only hope to get up so I headed out towards the park. Encountering light lift I started big wide 360’s.  After 12 painstakingly slow 360’s I had climbed to ridge level in much drift and little lift and realized I had stumbled upon glass off conditions!

Here is adoarama of my flight.

In the 1 hour 1 min flight I climbed 1,400′ above launch but my top sustained climb rate was only  530’/min! My vario calculated wind speed from east at 15 miles/hour and my top ground speed was 37 miles/hour towards the west.

This was one the flights I will treasure in my long flying career—-29 years—smooth buoyant air over over Boulder near sunset. Conditions were so smooth that I flew the end with my brake handles dangling from the risers.

Saturday looks similar with smoke haze present.  Easterly flow expected Saturday and westerly all day Sunday.

Thermal soaring forecast is good for Saturday.

800’/min starting at 11:30AM but over development by 4PM! starting a bit cloudy this am so midday best?

Remember we have an upcoming Ridge Soaring Clinic in Grand Junction October 4—7th for some more smooth ridge soaring an if you have friends that want to get into this amazing sport an accelerated P1/P2 September 30—October 7th. I have intermediate Ozone Rush 5’s available for demo.


Saturday looks clearer than Sunday

Regional Weather map shows day starting with clear skies and high pressure. Local forecast calls for south easterly winds and clear skies.  NBR is already showing easterly flow early. Thermal soaring forecast is excellent—-1,300’/min—starting at 9:45 AM and no over development forecast!

Got MS Ozone Rush 5 for demoing—Misha already has 70 miles XC on it this week!

Another 3 hours & 35 miles for Misha!

On Wednesday tired from a  bicycle ride in the hot sun, I transported Lex, Johannes, Misha, Adriann, and Mike to the south launch at North Boulder. Lex, Misha & Johannes flew to NCAR where Lex and Johannes landed and Misha decided to continue south. Reaching Golden—20 miles—with 10,000 feet under him, Misha decided to head back to Boulder on his Ozone Rush 5 and in less than 1 hour make it to Eldorado Springs where he landed and walked to an apartment where he was staying. Hard to calculate exact distance due to return but it looks like another 35 mile flight and 3 hours to add to his log book—-69 miles and 6:30 this week on his new Rush 5!

Follow his 5th flight on the Rush 5  here.


Misha’s Big XC Flight on Rush 5 to Ft. Collins

On his 3rd flight on a new Rush 5, Misha gave it a real test over 3 hours 28 minutes  covering 34.3 miles from Boulder! Climbing to 6,300′ over launch and speeding up to 40 m.p.h. he landed near the Masonville Flying site west of Ft. Collins. Here is his track log.

Good job, Misha. With flights like this you will earn your P4 quickly!