Sunday’s strong west winds!

Sunday is looking very catabatic with west winds increasing during the day.

NBR already showing light west winds early with a pressure difference of -.24″!

NOAA weather radio calling for strong west winds this PM.

No flying today but I have these Christmas Gifts in stock:

Accent H2 Vario $349

Easy Packs $125

Ozone Flight Suits $195

Baofeng UV–5R radios $75

Tapalpa, Mexico Fly Week Feb 4–11th $1,800

Ozone Ozium 2 Pod Harnesses $950



Saturday December flying possible?

Regional  weather map shows clear skies over CO.   Local forecast shows light winds over area turning easterly this PM.  Winds aloft are a bit high but  Sugar Loaf is showing light and variable winds. Thermal soaring forecast is good—500’/min—starting at 11:45AM with no over development. Pressure difference -.25″! NBR is showing light and variable early.

Still have a few spots open for Tapalpa, Mexico February 4—11th.

Alphina 3 was released this week and already have 2 orders arriving end of  January 2018.

Catabatic Saturday

Pressure difference -.29″ and barometric pressure at front range airports is falling!  The local forecast for Boulder Airport shows increasing west winds.  NOAA weather radio also calling for increasing westerly winds.

Boulder Open Space has still not processed my commercial use permit.

Ground handling would be possible in park this AM before winds get strong.  Contact me if you wish to do this AM,  I have one used Ozone ML Buzz Z3 and one used M Ozone Element for sale. Details are here.

Thursday looks windy!

Wednesday was wonderful as I predicted yesterday.  Will started his XC on his Delta 2 at 1:30PM and made it to nearly Ft. Collins. Travis and I—on my Delta 2 were soaring North Boulder from 5—6PM.  I am putting video together now.

Thursday: Regional weather map shows passage of NW cold front. Local weather forecast shows westerly winds all day. NOAA weather radio confirms this. Pressure gradient -.21″!  NBR showing west winds.

Sunday looks very wet and ….

Weather map shows very wet conditions today. No lessons will offered.

Good day to try equipment:  I just received a shipment of both the Ozone Oxygen 2 harnesses and Ozium POD harnesses. i have all sizes of Buzz Z4’s in stock.  Give me a call when it is easy for you to come by.

Next weekend I will be offering the Spring Ridge Soaring Clinic in Grand Junction.  If you are P2 or higher, consider getting some long smooth flights with us.

I will offer lessons at the hill here on Wednesday and Thursday before.

Also great new news for Mexico trips!   Volaris Airlines is offering direct flights from Denver to Guadalajara Airlines!   I have seen round trip rates as low as $315 and direct flights getting you to warm Mexico flying in only 3 hours!


Wednesday looks great

Pressure gradient only -.04″ and NBR already showing east winds.  Local weather map shows mostly sunny today with NW cold front coming on Thursday? Local forecast shows easterly winds today with cold front passing tonight.

Expect active flying by midday and 20% chance of thunderstorms this PM.

Let me know when you can start. This weekend have big P1 group and no wings available.

Saturday is very windy!

Pressure gradient -.27″ and NBR reporting gusts to over 40 m.p.h.! Local weather forecast shows west winds to continue all day. Winds aloft are strong. Warm down slope winds should melt remaining winds. Good day to have your reserve repacked or repairs made on you gear.
Here is the last  Mexico video to watch for 2013.

Sunday flying will be better?

Ozone Wings shine locally!

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To: Terry Sharp
Sent: Sunday, September 09, 2012 4:49 PM
Subject: great job

Heard you flew from Lookout to Boulder and back yesterday—great job.
How you liking your Mantra?
USHPA advanced tandem instructor

heya Granger,

Thanks but it was actually to the first flatiron ( green mountain ) and back to top land at Lookout.  I did it mostly with Sam Crater, it was pretty cool.  I have never made that flight before !!!

I am really liking the M4 allot !! Three flights to Boulder, two flights to Lyons and the Flatirons out and back yesterday.  And the epic one on July 4th down south to Monument  so far this summer !

The Mantra is a very well balanced glider with what I call deceptive performance,  it is so sold with a very easy feeling.  Just wish that it did not have so much white on it !  The Lookout love dust is making it look old before its time !!!  lol……….

Terry Sharp <tsflyer79 [at] comcast [dot] net>

Prefrontal conditons on Thursday

Another cold front looks like it will pass by tonight.  Pressure gradient -.15″ and NBR showing westerly winds.  Today will get cloudy. Will up slope flow be able to over power negative pressure gradient? Come hang in a harness and do classroom activities and ground handling until. Will meet at 8:30.

NOAA weather radio calling for steady NE winds this afternoon.