Saturday as great as Friday?

Friday was a great day for flying here. I was lazy, launched late and made 2 attempts to XC to Boulder Reservior and only had 1hr 9 minutes. Misha who launched earlier has 3 hr 30 minutes and flew north and then south to the Flatirons.  See our Dorama View together.

Saturday’s regional map shows a stationary front over area and an approaching NW cold front arriving Sunday—-west winds!. Local forecast calls for easterly winds all day on Saturday. Winds aloft are light. Thermal soaring forecast is excellent: 1,036’/min starting at 11:45AM but over development at 3PM!

I am doing a ground handling session at 10 AM today in Foothills Park.

Saturday looks like the day to fly!

Last Wednesday was great: Johannes flight was ~ 2 hours and I had to engage big ears and speed bar to get out of the cold.

Saturday looks like the day to fly this weekend—-snow this evening!

Regional weather map shows cloudy skies.  Local weather forecast shows NE flow all day.

Thermal soaring forecast is poor due to clouds? Winds aloft are light.

NBR is showing light and variable winds early.


Sunday and the jet stream moving south

On Friday several of us wanted to get a flight in before Saturdays west winds.  It was good: Thermalling on Friday.

Saturdays strong west winds show that jet stream has moved south and strong westerly winds are closer. I believe to fly  this time of year without checking winds aloft at 9K and 12K is irresponsible.  See yet stream.  See winds aloft.

Sunday’s weather map shows clear skies with High to west and Low to east negative pressure gradient of -.35″!   Local forecast shows light west winds till noon but sunny skies should start up slope flow earlier. NBR showing light and variable winds early. Thermal soaring forecast is fair—300’/min starting at 1:45 with no over development but remember it was also fair on Friday when I climbed at 600’/min.  Winds aloft have not been updated yet but Sugar Loaf is reporting light winds.

Strong West Winds on Saturday!

NOAA weather radio calling for strong NW winds today. NBR already showing west winds. Regional weather map showing approaching NW Cold Front and local weather forecast calling for strong NW winds all day.  Local forecast shows increasing westerly winds today but easterly winds on Sunday—post frontal conditions!

Good day to watch some videos:   I have posted last weeks videos from our Ridge Soaring Clinic to Grand Junction. Here is a link to Tim’s 2nd soaring flight & top landing there. Amazing how quickly some persons can learn to fly in Ridge Soaring Conditons.

Tapalpa, Mexico trip February 4—11th is filling up so get me your deposit if you want a spot.


Saturday is sunny!

After several cloudy & rainy days the sun is out again!   Local weather forecast calls for east winds all day. Humidity is quite high—-90%—so expect soft air and thunderstorms this PM. Thermal soaring forecast is excellent—800’/min—starting at 11:45AM and over development at 3PM!

Getting ready to head to Grand Junction tomorrow for acceratatedP1/P2 and Ridge Soaring Clinic. 

Have a slightly used large Swift for demo’s now.

Sunday looks sunnier and stronger!

Saturday was short with clouds and over development coming quickly.  I was only able to get my Delta 3 600′ over but Larry got his Delta 3 higher and was able to fly over to Mount Sanitas. Ty showed us acrobatics to get down quickly as the skies darkened.

Regional map shows clearer skies for Sunday.  Humidity is 43% and 20% chance of thunderstorms. Thermal soaring forecast is excellent—1,100’/min—starting at 10:45AM  and no over development forecast—nor sure I believe this with so much humidity.


Sunday looks better!

Saturday was good but short: I saw a pilot soaring around for 1/2 hour before it clouded up. It was very humid. I got a first short early flight on my Delta 3!

Sunday looks better. Humidity is lower and no over development is forecast!  Thermals will start at 9:45AM and increase up to 1,000’/min!  Regional weather map shows High pressure and clear skies over CO. Winds aloft are again light but pressure difference is -0.2″ so easterly flow may take longer to start. NBR is light and variable now.

Here is my ridge soaring flight at Muscle Rock in San Francisco. I don’t think it will be as cool or soft here today!


Progressing at the Rat Race

Today I progressed: I only had to get 1,000′ over before I crossed the valley to the first turn point!  The strong head winds made it difficult to make the next turn point so I chose rather to see how fast these winds would push me: 37 m.p.h.!  I made it up an unknown valley at great speed. See it all here. Videos will come later with better up load speed.


Struggling at Rat Race!

I have had 4 days of flying at the Rat Race.  It has been a very educational and exciting place to be.  I made goal twice missing a few way points.

Yesterday I got 2,000′ over launch twice but the valley winds and extreme sink prevented me from making the valley crossing.

My glide ratio into the valley was only 2/1! Video to come latter with better up load speed.