The Delta 3 is out!

It took a while but Ozone has just released the ML Delta 3 at C level wing:

DELTA 3 ML is now available to order! A long wait, but we think it was well worth taking the time to get this product right. We think that all Delta 2 pilots will like the improvements. The design team have learnt a lot since the massively successful Delta 2 was launched, but it was still a hard job to make a worthy successor. It is EN C (without folding lines), and has better speed and glide as well as the handling and comfort that you would expect. We hope you like it! We also hope you like our new colour scheme which will appear on the Delta 3 and other new wings this year. Web page and pictures coming soon.

The ML size is 85–105 KG with 30 day manufacture time so order now!

I am flying the Rat Race in June!

I finally have time to fly the Rat Race Sprint in June  17–24 in southern Oregon! Consider joining me:

Rat Race/Sprint Competition

Rat Race has emerged into a festival over the years. The local community, pilots, local school children, businesses and so many more have all claimed the event as their own. As organizers we are proud of the accomplishment.

This year we will host the Rat Race and Rat Race Sprint along with the return of the “Super Clinic”. (The Super Clinic allows up and coming pilots to expand their knowledge and skill without being in a competition format. Ken Hudonjorgensen and Kari Castle will be heading up this group so non-competition friends will have a place to participate during the event. Please help us spread the word to your friends, local club and forum about the Super Clinic as space will be limited.
Other things similar to last year are:
• Rat Race and Rat Race Sprint will be held simultaneously.
• Lunch, retrieval, fun and a great volunteer staff will be here as always.
• Sprint pilots will receive coaching and round table discussion lead by Jeff Huey each day before flying the task.
Go to Registration to reserve your place as attendance will be limited.

Further details are here.

Catching the next cold front!

Thursday afternoon saw a cold front passage with excellent ridge soaring potential. Unmentioned in weather forecast it passed by about 11AM with strong NE flow.  I watched several pilots effortlessly soar around before I caught a ride to the drop off site. My launch and climb was easy but it took about 10 minutes to reach the North end of ridge in a strong head wind but climbing continuously to 4oo’ over. I then boated around for 1/2 hour.

Friday shows not cold front passage either.  Local forecast shows light easterly flow.

Thermal soaring forecast is poor but I see sunshine and a clear sky!  NBR is light early but watch my Sunday flight while waiting to catch the next cold front!

Saturday looks good

Local weather forecast calls for partly cloudy skies and light easterly flow all day. Pressure difference is -.16″ and NBR showing light and variable winds early. 10% chance of thunderstorms this PM.

Since there is a slow heating, watch my flight in Aspen this week—great place to fly once you have your P3 rating.

Thermal soaring forecast is excellent: 1,200’/min with thermals starting at 12PM and no over development forecast!

Softer Sunday?

Saturdays hot forecast was too accurate.  My vario recorded 92 degrees at a start time of 12:46PM and a cooler 70 degrees while flying up to 1,800′ above launch. 59 minutes later I landed after seeing sustained lifts up to 620’/min and 1,100′ descents with a big ears approach—pass through the danger zone quickly!

Sunday looks softer with cloudiness.  Satellite map show much cover over northern Colorado.  Local forecast calls for easterly flow all day.  NBR showing light and variable winds early. Pressure difference .22″ so up slope flow may be delayed until 9AM.

Thermals soaring forecast is good—-721’/min—starting at 11:45AM and no over development.  West winds still at 7:30AM!