Thursday looks good

Wednesday was a humid day with several threats to over development.  Derrick & I climbed up  early and he got his first thermal soaring forecast climbing up with 360’s.  I saw the quickly developing clouds and launched soon thereafter and climbed constantly as I headed towards Boulder Reservoir. I landed at Gateway Park.

Thursday looks like a short day also due to strong southerly winds and thunderstorms forecast in the PM.   Regional weather map shows frontal activity to the NW!

Pressure difference -.13″.

Local forecast shows light easterly winds this AM. NBR showing light and variable winds.

Will start with P1’s at 8AM.

Thermal soaring forecast is excellent starting at 10:45 with over development by 3PM!

Catabatic Sunday!

Saturday was a great day for flying. My P1 students go 4 flights off and completed their P1 in just 2 days!  Later in the day I watched an advance pilot climb several hundred feel above the ridge in active air.

Sunday looks like down slope winds. Local forecast calls for west winds all day.  NOAA weather radio calling for NW winds all day! Pressure difference is -.25″ and NBR is showing steady west winds.

Good day to call me and talk to me about ordering equipment because I will be placing an order with Ozone tomorrow.

Sunday looks good!

Saturday was a good day for flying. My new P1 student got his first 2 flights and several P2 students got flights also.  The forecast west winds did not arrive until late afternoon.

Sunday looks similar.  Regional weather map shows cloudy skies.   Local weather forecast calls for easterly winds this AM switching to westerly this PM.  Pressure difference -.17″ and NBR showing light and variable winds.

We will start again at 8:30AM.

Thermal soaring forecast excellent starting at 10:30AM!

Will Saturday’s sun maintain up slope flow?

Friday saw passage of a cold front with steady NE flow. I watched 3 pilots soar in smooth lift!

Saturday looks mostly cloudy. Regional weather map shows increasing clouds from the west.  Local weather forecast calls for light westerly winds all day.  Barometric pressure steady or falling at front range airports.  Pressure difference -.13″ and NBR reporting light up slope winds!

We will meet at 8:30AM for ground handling or flights.

Got my OSMP permit and weather looking good!

Last night I finally received my Boulder Open Space permit so instruction has begun this year!

Sunday: Catabatic winds were forecast all day. I and some other pilots could not find west winds midday so we climbed up and launched about 12:30PM.  I was surprised to have a get 500′ over launch in February! See it at here.

Friday looks partly cloudy.  Regional weather map shows mostly cloudy skies with approaching Canadian Cold Front.  Increasing NE winds!

I have P1 starting ground handling at 10:30AM.   Join us for ground handling and then flying?

Catabatic flow continues on Sunday!

Local weather forecast shows west winds continuing on Sunday.  Local airports show barometric pressure rising so west winds should decrease?   Pressure difference  is -.21″! NOAA weather radio forecast is also for west winds all day.

We should still be in Tapalpa, Mexico: My last video posted last week.


NBR showing west winds.  Let me know when you want to come and ground handle.

Ground handling at 9:30AM!


Sunday looks good also!

Saturday showed light easterly flow in the AM and several first flights of the season!  Strong down slope flow occurred in the PM.

Local weather map shows partly cloudy skies and high pressure over area. Local weather forecast calls for easterly flow all day.  NBR already showing easterly flow. Will start again at 9AM with ground handling.

Some Local Flying Starting Saturday!

Friday afternoon Ken Brunnemer and I got North Boulder ready for this years flying by putting  a new wind sock above the tank and reinstalling the permanent wind sock in the landing area. Now all we need is the winds to blow up slope!

Saturday looks much better:

Regional weather map showing High Pressure building from west and Low pressure moving away to east.

Local forecast calling for easterly winds this AM.
When will it go west this PM?

Pressure gradient -.23″ but barometric pressure  rising at front range airports!

Ground handling will start in park at 9AM and I will coach P2+ pilots later but OSMP has not returned my commercial license yet so no commercial flying yet!