Soft & cloudy Sunday?

Saturday was a great flying day: the skies were filled with pilots all day long.  Sunday does not look so good: cloud cover on increase.

Regional weather map show approaching clouds.  Local weather forecast shows light easterly flow and  increasing cloudiness. Thermal soaring forecast is fair—300’/min starting at 10:30AM and over development by 3PM!  NBR showing light easterly winds early.

Saturday’s winds are of a concern!

Thursday was a great day to test out Ozone’s newest wings.

Friday was constant west winds.

Saturday looks to be post frontal!

Local forecast calls for easterly winds by 9AM and sunny!

Winds aloft at 9,00′ are 15 and 12,000′ are high 29 mph!  Sugar Loaf is reporting 10—19 mph out of the west!

Thermal soaring forecast is good—-600’/min—-starting at 10:00 AM with no over development forecast.

Hope the westerly winds decrease.


Saturday looks great!

Regional weather map shows high pressure and clear skies of CO. Local forecast calls for light and variable winds.  NBR showing easterly winds already early.  Winds aloft are light.Thermal soaring forecast is excellent—-1,100’/min—starting at 10:30AM with no over development.

Working with pilots on Ground Handling at 10AM in Foothills Community Park.

Headed to Grand Junction on Sunday so get your para toys today—GPS varios only $349!

Sunday looks soft!

Regional weather map shows stationary front parked over area.  Winds aloft are finally lighter! Winds aloft have not been updated yet. Sugar Loaf is reporting light and variable winds.

Local weather forecast calls for light easterly flow most of the day with increasing cloudiness. Thermal soaring forecast is excellent—1,000’/min—starting at 10:30 AM and over development at 6PM.

I will be helping new pilots with ground handling in the park at 9AM.

There is a safety modification to Ozone Ozium 2 harnesses that I can install on your harnesses in the park.

Palm Sunday flying good?

Saturday was weak but many pilots go soaring flights and a few XC’s.

Thermal soaring forecast is good: 600’/min starting at 11AM and ending at 4PM.

Regional weather map show stationary NW  cold front.  Local forecast calls for light and viable winds.  Winds aloft are light.  NBR showing light winds.  Will there be adequate heating with fair skies to get thermal releasing?


Stable Saturday

Regional map shows stationary front parked over area. Local forecast shows light and variable winds with increasing clouds. Winds aloft are moderate. Thermal soaring forecast is excellent—-1,040’/min—-starting at 11:30AM with no over development.  NBR is light and variable early.

Caution: the wind sock on the ridge has not been reinstalled yet. Watch for rotor!

Waiting for new battery for my GoPro so my latest filmed flight was a challenge to end.

Wednesday looks good & so was Tapalpa, Mexico

Today looks good for flying:  Local forecast is calling for steady NE winds this PMNBR is is  already showing NE flow as a result of the passing of a cold front. The winds aloft are finally low.

I have posted several videos from my recent trip to Tapalpa, Mexico.  One of my best memories was the day that all pilots—7— of us could thermal and top land at the new restaurant.

The Ozone Rush 5 was just released  in sizes of MS & ML and a 10% discount is available until March 6th.  Contact me for a quote.