Another Soaring Saturday?

Last Saturday saw many soaring flights. Several flew north towards Lyons and beyond!

I floated around for 1/2 hour but never got more than 700′ above launch. My video and GPS track are here.

This Saturday looks fair.  Skies are clear and high pressure. Local forecast shows light easterly winds. Thermal soaring forecast is poor—-177’/min!

Air is starting cold—30 degrees—and lost of sun so things may change?

I am planning an intense P1/P2 course May 1-8th in Grand Junction for pilots want to earn their pilot ratings.

New Years Day

Thanks to Jono & Todd the windsock on the North Boulder Ridge was reinstalled on Saturday! Many of us got sled rides.

Sunday looks similar. Jet stream is to the north of us. Winds aloft are lighter. Local weather forecast shows another day of light easterly winds. NBR showing light and variable winds.

Happy new year and time to think about  adding another week in Tapalpa, Mexico January 23–30th?

I have reservations to fly—3 hour direct flight—to Guadalajara, Mexico  on Monday, January 23 with Volaris Airlines for ~$150!

I have 2 less experienced pilots coming on Friday, January 27th to get started early before rest of group comes on Monday, January 30th. This group it full.

If you want to come early, let me know and we can fit you in.

Details at


Winds sock down!

Christmas’s strong winds blew windsock on ridge at North Boulder down!

I hope we can get it reinstalled soon!

This month’s jet stream winds winds have been too strong and I look forward to my trip to Tapalpa, Mexico next month.

One week is full but I may add another week January 23—30th if there is demand. Let me know if you want to get out of the wind!

Sunday West Winds!

Saturday showed light easterly winds all day and many flights.  I observed only one 5 minute soaring flight—Will on a Delta 2!

Sunday: Regional weather map shoes NW cold front with High to west and Low to east. Pressure gradient is very negative .26″ and local forecast call for west winds all day! NOAA weather radio calls for NW winds all day also. NBR showing light and variable winds but Sugar Loaf and Estes Park already showing west winds.

6 of 8 spots for Tapalpa, Mexico Jan 30–February 6th are now filled. If you want one of remaining ones, call me today!

Saturday looks dry and sunny!

Regional weather map show High pressure and clear skies continue to dominate area. Local forecast calls for light easterly winds all day.  Pressure gradient  -.23″ and NBR showing light and variable winds early so could be late morning before steady up slope flow starts. Thermal soaring forecast is good starting at 12:30PM.

Friday saw some light soaring and a few top landings.