Fantastic Friday!

Yesterday afternoon was another great one for soaring. I wanted to commute to work while some P1’s were hiking up for their third flights and I landed on the lower launch after a smooth soaring session. I then coached them off and watched 3 other pilots soar above me.

Today’s pressure gradient is -.13″ but NBR is already showing NE flow.  Expect sunshine and active conditions by midday. I will start with P2’s at 8AM. Expect these condition to continue until about 4PM when smooth soaring conditions to return. Chance of thunderstorms 0%!

T.J. has earned his U.S.H.G.A. basic instructor rating and will be offering another P1 at 2PM today. He has one spot left if you have any friends who would like to be introduced to our amazing sport.

I plan to hike up for an evening flight again at 2PM—-like that softer air!


2 thoughts on “Fantastic Friday!

  1. Granger, I check this blog almost daily. I wish I was part of parasoft this week. It sounds like a great week to learn. I can’t wait to join you again in the Spring. I am wearing down my wife’s resistance little by little. I figure by April she will give in and let me come to Boulder whenever I want.

    Congrats to TJ! How do I get a hold of him? Is there a phone # or email?
    Safe flying,
    Simon Hoepfner

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