Flying in Iquique, Chile

We were down in northern Chile for New Year’s 2013 and managed to get in 4 flights.  We stayed at a paragliding hostal where pilots visit for several days to several months, as there is 365 days of flying in Iquique.  I rented gear for $60/day, $40 for a half-day.  Mornings are from the top of the mountain, in the afternoon most pilots practice ground handling and soaring in the nearby dunes.  Launch is @ 1,640 feet with plenty of landing spots in the dessert or on various beaches (sea level).

Wild experience to fly over the city!  First flight I landed at the hostal, second day on the beach in front of the hostal, 3rd day I sank out on a XC trip after 4 miles and had to land between a mountain and city on abandoned railroad tracks, and 4th flight was almost 6 miles to a northern beach, across the low city then past the tall skyscrapers along the beach.

Hope you enjoy the video…

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