Flying with a Line Over

This pilot launched with a line over.  What’s the best way to resolve it?

4 thoughts on “Flying with a Line Over

  1. I feel the best way is to start with walls then reverse kiting and if you still miss
    it. try to pull lines on your big ears. I forget what they are called. Anyway, at
    least it wasn’t enough to be a left turn flight. Nice pics.

  2. Yes, I was in a rush to launch and thought wing tip would clear after loading the wing. When I saw deflation remained, I pumped the brake on that side and pulled on “D” lines to clear deflated wing tip. Next I tried a big ear on the affected side but this did not clear it. I then prepared for landing. Thinking about resolving the line over after landing, I should have pulled on the stabilizer—that colored one—line instead and perhaps this would have cleared the line over. Next time …..

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