getting down

Tips on getting down? Monday had outstanding lift, perhaps stronger than I should have been out in, but “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. I spent most of my 15m flight trying to get down: big ears and speedbar and still going up fast. Searched for sinking air but didn’t find much. Thought about B-line stall, but didn’t quite dare. Fingers still numb from pulling on those outside A’s. Would like to have stayed up much longer, but felt not in control.

One thought on “getting down

  1. Mark,
    Take a look at my recent YouTube video at
    Here I demonstrate descending in adverse conditions using big ears and speed system engaged—-~900’/min but still flying. A b-line stall would have given me a faster descent rate—-2,000’/min—but no control and no forward speed. Choose the right tool for the right work.

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