Grand Junctions Ridge Soaring was great

The trip was awesome.  I couldn’t find where to post on that page, aside from commenting on your posts.  We were able to fly for an hour and a half both days, Saturday and Sunday.  Yesterday I flew for an hour and a half straight through until the wind started to die out.  There were some other pilots there briefly on Saturday until one crashed and they all left.  We had it all to ourself on yesterday and had a ton of freedom to play around and learn all different kinds of things.

Jason and I were getting comfortable with steeper turns, some thermaling, touch and goes, and a host of other small things as we were up there for so much time.  I Think the highlight for me was learning to turn with minimal brakes.  I was feeling a lot more connection from my harness seat and legs to the wing, so I could lean really hard and only brake a tiny bit.

I’m really looking forward to getting up in Boulder soon.  How much space is left on the Mexico P2 trip?  I would like to go, but am still looking into what my schedule will look like that time of January, etc.

Austin Aaron

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