Parasoft’s Pay it Back Prices

 Parasoft and Granger Banks have been teaching paragliding since 1989! We realize the value of great instruction and want to pay it back  by complementary teaching this incredible sport.    
Ground handling practice
Let’s see if the sport is right for you
  tip as you like
Ridge Soaring Clinics     tip as you like
 Mexico Trip: includes 6 days for flying, private hotel room,  transport to/from airport, launch fees, transport to launch and from l.z., guide & coaching. 1/2 price for non-flying spouse.
Complete Gear Package— new Ozone wing, harness, and reserve.  Big discounts if you purchase one of our used paragliders or used harnesses!   $4,900

The Fine Print:

Payments must be made in cash only!

Best way: deposit in Parasoft’s US Bank Account #1 204 0050 5976

 US Bank’s Routing #102000021

Plus our bank account #120400505976

gives you our wire transfer #: 102000021120400505976

Policies regarding warranties, refunds, deposits, and payments. Note: Parasoft Paragliding“ includes any and all parties associated with the organization.


Parasoft Paragliding warranties against defects in construction of products it sells in cooperation with the manufacturers. Parasoft Paragliding will always request to see the product in question before making any statement whatsoever. Likewise, we reserve the right to send the product in question to the respective manufacturer before making any statement whatsoever. As a manufacturer’s representative, Parasoft Paragliding reserves the right to accept the manufacturer’s determination about the product submitted for warranty evaluation. Parasoft Paragliding reserves the right to charge the customer for the return shipping of the product when appropriate. We do not warranty against normal wear and tear or damage as a result of misuse. Normal wear and tear includes zipper failure, line damage, line/riser elongation or shrink.  Additional examples of misuse include line failure or sail tear as a result of aerobatics or inadvertent maneuvers.Refunds: Monies paid to Parasoft Paragliding for lessons, courses and guiding are not refundable. Credits for lessons expire one year from the date of purchase unless other arrangements are made in advance and in writing with Parasoft Paragliding.  The lessons are transferable to a friend or family member within one year of purchase upon approval by Parasoft Paragliding staff.   Equipment may be returned for exchange and for refund within one month of purchase if it is in brand new condition and with Parasoft Paragliding approval. The customer will always be responsible for the cost of shipping the product. Parasoft Paragliding reserves the right to charge a restocking fee for brand new equipment returned within thirty days from the original purchase. We do everything in our power to satisfy our customers, but we reserve the right to refuse to refund monies paid for equipment. For example: we would refuse to grant a refund or credit on a special order with custom colors.


Deposits paid for equipment, lessons and/or for trips represent a commitment to purchase said product or service and to make subsequent/ final payments. In both cases (equipment/ trips/lessons), Parasoft Paragliding makes financial commitments on behalf of the customer and fore goes other opportunities to satisfy the customer’s needs. These monies are not refundable unless specifically stipulated in writing on a case by case basis. Naturally, we are in the business of satisfying and accommodating our customers and will offer any appropriate and available flexibility when possible.

Paraglider Depreciation Policy

Parasofts wants you to have the best equipment for your pilot skill level. To help you do this, we will allow you to trade in your old wing and buy a more appropriate one from us. If you decide to make the switch in the first year, we will credit 75% of your original purchase price towards another wind. If you decide to wait two years, we will credit 50% towards the next wing. Even after 3 years, we can credit you 25%.