Why Parasoft?

We support our student pilots in developing their airmanship right from the very beginning level and on to intermediate and advanced levels.   After earning their novice rating,  we encourage them to pursue additional training. That will allow for a smooth progression into more skillful, safe flying.  Specialized clinics thermalling and ridge soaring are among our offerings that will take them further to enjoy great flights and happy landings.

Quality Instruction

Our lead instructor, Granger Banks is a former USHPA advanced tandem instructor. Granger is one of the early pioneers of paragliding in the US.  After learning to fly

in 1988 in Europe, he opened one of the first paragliding schools in this country.  His substantial, long experience is nearly unmatched.  Having seen the best and worst of what paragliding can offer, Granger’s emphasis is on training safe, smart, capable pilots.

A progression oriented set of courses

From beginner to novice and to intermediate and advanced levels, plus special skill courses and periodical paragliding trips, domestic and international.


Parasoft offers in-house line repair, porosity testing, glider repair, and reserve repacks. No other paragliding schools or shops can offer all these services. Give us a call at 303-494-2820 and let us know how we can help you.


If you purchase a new paraglider from Parasoft, we want you to feel confident you made a good choice and we will do any reasonable repairs for the first year for free.


Our shop is right at the bottom of the only training hill in the Front Range—stop by and get your paratoys!

15 thoughts on “Why Parasoft?

  1. I contacted you today about lessons you said you would include me in your mailing list to let me know when you had some events going on so I might be able to come check out your school in action.. thanks for your help. Ian

  2. Hi Granger,
    I’m the Austrian kid who currently lives in Laramie and who called you about the P1 training next weekend!
    I’m looking forward to meet you some day soon,

  3. Hey Granger, Thanks again for spending the time with me last summer to complete my P2 certification. I was in town (from Philly) for just a week and only expected to get some supervised sledders in while I was there. Already having a PPG2 certification and your instruction allowed me to complete my P2 certification during that same week I was there on business. Many thanks! Back on the eastern side of the states, I’m paragliding from Little Gap (littlegap.com) and still PPG’ing all over the place.

    Thanks again,

  4. Hello Master Granger,

    Once again I’d like to thank you for ALL of your instruction through my P1, P2 and P3 certification courses. I enjoyed everything the programs have to offer and would not hesitate in recommending your instruction to friends and family, in fact, I still have the videos of my son, niece and nephew doing their tadems with you in Williams Peak.

    I’m looking forward to another exciting season of flying this year with you and all of the pilots in Boulder!!!

    Fly save,

    Rone Montano

  5. Hey Granger, looking to carpool with someone to Grand Junction next week. (10-2014)
    Would you know anyone thats willing to allow me to ride with them and share in gas and snacks?

  6. Do you have an email address?

    I’m interested in the ridge soaring clinic. Can you please send me the details like cost, time, duration, etc.?


  7. I can’t find an email to find out how to schedule a P1 class or when these are offered? I’d appreciate any information to that effect! Thank you so much!

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