Intermediate P3 Program

6 Ridge Soaring at Otto’s

Parasoft supports you on your way to becoming an intermediate (P3) pilot. We help you with continued mentoring and introduce you to new flying sites. Included are 2 Ridge Soaring Clinics and P3 sign off. We also provide rides to drive up site and advanced radio mentoring to thermall high at North Boulder.  In addition, we will assist you with the P3 written exam and USHPA P3 sign off.



  • Demonstrates three 1,000’ foot gains in thermal lift
  • Demonstrates a 3 mile XC flight
  • Explains FAA Regulations and aircraft sectional charts
  • Can give verbal analysis of conditions on the hill, demonstrating knowledge of wind shadows, gradients, lift, sink, laminar air, turbulence and rotors, and the effect these items have on an intended flight path and turns.
  • Demonstrates strong wind (8 to 15 m.p.h. ) launches and landings
  • Demonstrates 5 spot landings within 10′
  • Should be able to judge when a site and conditions are appropriate for flying.
  • Demonstrates smooth top and side hill landings
  • Demonstrates big ear landing approach.
  • Must have 3 flights longer than 1 hour
  • Uses EN ratings and weight recommendations to chose appropriate flying equipment
  • Can explain Right Of Way rules.
  • Must have flown 5 different flying sites
  • Attended P3 Section Map Class
  • Must have logged a minimum of 30 flying days.
  • Must have logged a total of at least 90 flights.
  • Must have logged a minimum of 20 hours of solo airtime
  • Must pass the USHGA Intermediate Paragliding written exam

    Thermal-ling high at North Boulder