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ParaSoft Travel – Tapalpa, Mexico

Parasoft has been guiding pilots to Mexico in January since 1990. Granger and Dixon White first took the paraglider pilots to Valle de Bravo. In 1996 we discovered that Iguala had more vertical, no crowds and softer air. We brought groups there for many years although there was only one launch site.

Tapalpa 2017 Group

Tapalpa 2017 Group

Our 2016 Mexico crew

Our 2016 Mexico crew

In 2002 we discovered  world class Tapalpa.  With big launch and landing areas this is the best in Mexico! Tapalpa has a 2,500′ vertical, drive-up site located one hour from the Guadalajara airport. To prepare for the 2004 World Cup Competition, a restaurant and bar were added.

Our trips include 6 days of flying. We see these as both a fun flying vacation and learning experience. To guide our clients well, we limit groups to 9 clients and offer tandem flights to provide personal attention.

Tapalpa: It’s easterly face heats early in the day and guarantees for long flights each time—at least 15 minutes! With our driver and drive up access, pilots have enjoyed as many as five flights in one day—that’s 12,000′ vertical in one day! Repeat this 6 days and you can have 30 flights in just one week!

We pick you up at the Guadalajara International airport in our air-conditioned van. Recommended Flight Bring your shorts and lots of sun cream because the weather is warm in the winter. We include a private hotel  room, site fees, airport pickup and delivery and coaching for $1,800!  Direct round trip flights with Volaris from Denver to Guadalajara are an additional ~$315.

Tapalpa 2019  Flight

Some 2017 flights: Granger’s 30 minute flight with top landing  

Doarama 3D view

Misha’s P1 flight

Joe’s P1 Flight Joe’s Doarama Flight 1,300′ over

Many launches at Tapalpa 2017

Some 2016 flights: San Marco  Tapalpa Group  

Ryan’s 1st Top Landing   Struggle@Tapalpa

Some 2014 videos: San Marco Glass Off   P2 Leslie’s Flights  P3 Don’s Flights   Granger’s Hotel XC     Granger’s High Flight with Austin    Tavis’ XC flights

Some 2015 videos:  San Marco Tandem   Colima XC   

Tapalpa Top Landing with big ears   Short XC & Top Landing Tapalpa
Hey Granger,

Here and hear are my videos.
Thanks again for this great week. One of my best flying experiences so far.

P2 Johannes

Here is P2 Kerry’s San Marco video.