No Tuesdays flying before Obama arrives:

Pressure gradient -.15″ and NBR showing significant westerly winds. Local weather forecast calling for westerly winds all day.

TFR will prohibit all flying due to presidents visit this afternoon:

==> 30 NM RADIUS TFR <==
On the JEFFCO VOR/DME (BJC) 300 degree radial at 8.8 nautical miles
Surface to 17,999-ft-MSL

5:00 PM local until 8:30 PM local Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One thought on “No Tuesdays flying before Obama arrives:

  1. Almost jumped in the car and came up today, thanks for confirming what I thought was gonna be an iffy WX day anyway. Add to it a visit by Barry and it adds up to a good day to avoid the Denver area. Maybe later in the week.

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