Instruments and Accessories

We recommend these flying accessories:

alinco_radioBaofeng UV–5R is  5 watt radio that comes with local USHPA flight and NOAA weather frequencies  programed in and ready to use. Includes charger and headset & programed for only $50!

ascent_h2_enNew Ascent H2 vario

The H2 is very similar to the h1, and currently has the following hardware improvements:
The display is better supported and protected so that it takes about 40% more pressure to break.  It is also possible for the user to replace the display themselves if it does break.
Changed to a more robust USB connector.  We only had a few break on the h1, but this was possible to improve.
Changed to a new GPS that has faster acquisition and a better signal.
Changed to a bigger memory chip (2x) so that we will have more space for tracks, airspace, and other future items.

Has GPS built in for only $349!

Easy Pack (quick glider pack)

dbimg/pm556_0.jpg dbimg/pm556_1.jpg
The Ozone EASY Bag. Giant stuff sack with compression straps and padded shoulder / waist straps. Ideal for quick-packing any glider, including your Magnum Tandem.  $125

Comprehensive Training Manual P1–P4 with DVD $40

Ozone Flight Suit is the comfortable way to stay warm in flight $195

dbimg/pm2563_0.jpg/Ozone open face helmets are light and come in 4 sizes. Come in and try one on to be sure you get the right one: $120. We also have full face helmets in stock in 4 sizes—$160.