ozone_windsock_580Parasoft is a distributor of Ozone Paragliders.  We get them factory direct so that we can get quicker access and offer competitive prices. We can offer new Ozone paragliders for as low as $3,140!  We are part of the Ozone Demo Program so you can demo many popular Ozone wings for only $30! We encourage you to use your local dealer as he can support you better and keeps the local sites open.  We guarantee our new Ozone paragliders for one year of normal use and will gladly do all minor repairs at no cost since you ordered from us. Why Ozone?

Parasoft’s Favorites:

First wing:  Ozone Buzz Z6      EN B               $3,990

Intermediate wing:  Ozone Rush 5  EN B     $4,250

Advanced wing:  Ozone Delta 4   EN C          $4,500

Advanced wing: Ozone Mantra M7 EN D     $5,800

Video of all 3 models being flown together.

Take a look at Ozone’s web site for up to date gear and then call or email us so that we can discuss which product is best for you.

Look here If you wish to get a safe used wing.

Thanks Granger