P1-Introductory Course

The first day starts with a video and simulator work in our shop. We then work on ground handling in the park behind our shop. You will become comfortable handling the wing with your feet on the ground. We schedule this individually to give you much interaction with your instructor. If you do not master ground handling in the first session, we will schedule a second time of ground handling. We will not take you up to fly until you can safely handle your wing on the ground!

Final approach and landing a paraglider

The second day your will do two flights off a 250′ hill behind our shop. You will practice take-offs and landings with your instructors assisting you via radio. Bruce’s first flight in 2015.

ParaSoft’s simulator and learning brake control

The third day continues your exploration of the sport with two additional flights to perfect your take-offs and landings, helping us decide whether this sport is right for you. With the completion of the P1/beginner written test, you earn your USHGA P1 rating.

This three day course is designed to introduce you to the sport at minimal cost using our equipment so that you have no long term investment in the sport. Check our prices. Other schools charge less, but do not offer a complete program where you can do 4 solo flights and earn your USHPA P1 rating.

P1 Requirements

  • acknowledges sports risks and has signed release
  • watched Beginning Paragliding video
    demonstrates take-off and landings in simulator
  • demonstrates turns and active flying in simulator
  • understands parts of a paraglider and harness
  • builds a symmetrical wall with paraglider
  • can inflate wing in both dynamic reverse and forward positions
  • demonstrates left and right control while kiting
  • demonstrates speed control while kiting
  • demonstrates ability to disable glider and abort takeoff
  • smooth confident launches
  • launches with proper surge control
  • launches with adequate clearance from ground
  • demonstrates torpedo launch technique
  • demonstrates smooth left and right turns while flying
  • demonstrates active control over canopy
  • demonstrates smooth in to the wind landing with flair
  • passes and understands P1 written test