Tandem Flights

Tandem instructional flights are a quick way to experience paragliding with little time and financial investments.  Your U.S.H.P.A. tandem instructor will take you on short, smooth flight so that you experience a take off and landing with a paraglider. Flights are usually done in the afternoons to get more lift and a longer flights. It is a 30 minute hike to launch.  U.S.H.P.A. temporary membership included.

Alex goes up for 15 minutes!

Meagan’s 13 minute flight high above launch with Granger

MarcS 8 minute tandem flight with Granger

Allison’s 4 minute tandem flight with Granger

Theo’s 15 minute flight high above launch with Granger

Alex’s flight up high with a 14 minute flight with Granger!

Kerry’s flight with Granger was 59 minutes.

10 thoughts on “Tandem Flights

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  2. Hi Granger,
    I missed the opportunity to do a tandem flight with you a while back. I was wondering when you will be back at Tapalpa so I could arrange this in the future. Could you let me know. I am leaving shortly for a trip to Canada and will be back in Mexico on June 10. Would you also let me know if the newsstands at Houston and Denver airports sell Cross Country magazine,as I will be passing through these airports on my way to Canada
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Thank You,
    Regards Trevor.

    • Trevor,
      The only way I know to get Cross X magazine is to subscribe to it.
      I will me back in Tapalpa next January and February and can take you tandem then.
      Check my calendar for exact times closer to these dates.

  3. Hi, I want to set up a tandem flight for my 14 year old son next week or this weekend. Are you going to be available ???? We live in Guadalajara.

  4. Hello,
    I am interested in buying a tandem flight for my father. He lives in Grand Junction. Do you guys ever head over to that side of the mountains?


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