Post flood soaring

Post frontal conditions on Sunday gave me a chance to view the flood damage at North Boulder.  I was pleased to experience abundant lift at about 11 AM:

Yes, winter is coming and  such soaring flights will be harder to find here anymore so consider one of our trips to Tapalpa, Mexico in January:

I have been enjoying warm weather flights in January there for many years and this year will offer a new P1 course for P1 pilots that want to earn their  P2 in Mexico. Meet us at the Guadalajara airport January 12th and spend a week doing tandem flights with me and ground handling until you are ready to fly Tapalpa, a 2,500′ drive up site with a large take off and landing area.  You will quickly build your flying skills with several 15 minute flights each day for 6 days in a row. Recommended flight is $499.

If you already have your P2 rating, join us for the week of January 19—26th. You will get lots of long flights and learn to thermal and ridge soar in glass off conditions.

If you have already been to Mexico with us before or have a P3 rating, the P3 week February 2—9th is the week to do top landings and XC flights.

Time to think about heading south as I will limit each week to 4 pilots.

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