11 thoughts on “Ridge Soaring Clinic postponed to October 12-14th.

  1. I would like to participate in your Ridge Soaring clinic on Saturday and Sunday. Please send details regarding recommendations for where to stay for Sat night, cost of your time to run the clinic, etc. My assumption is that the sites for the clinic will be P2 friendly. Thanks.

    • Jerry,
      Fall Ridge Soaring Clinic will be October 12–14th. Arrive Thursday evening at hotel so that you are ready to start flying Friday morning early. I have a group reservation at the Super Motel 8 in Fruita for only $50/night including breakfast. We will fly all day Friday and Saturday and then again Sunday morning before ending. If you are part of the P3 program, it is free. Otherwise $100/day. Yes, sites are great for P2’s.

    • Bob,
      Okay I will hold a spot for you. Details to follow but plan to drive down to Grand Junction Thursday night 10/11 and fly Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning.
      Got group hotel reservation for $50/nite.

    • Thanks Granger. I’ll be in late Thursday night. Do i need to bring a radio? Do i need to get a room or are you holding one for me?

  2. Are there places to camp on or near the morning site? Also any of you pilots should consider making time to come south and fly my home site villa grove, ad well as a few new spots im trying to gather some info on. (saguache/magotee) Looking forward to riding them ridges see y’all soon!

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