Saturday looks good & …

Saturday flying continues to look good as many long flights happened this week including the first flight from here to Wyoming!  Over development has been rare so many glass off flights occur including my 5PM start last week.

Regional Map shows clear skies and heat over area.   Local weather forecast calls for increasing easterly winds all day.  Thermal soaring forecast is excellent—1,000’/min starting at 11:45AM and no over development forecast—-glass off?

Remember that fall Ridge Soaring Clinic in Grand Junction is coming soon: October 4—7th.  P2 or P3 pilots challenged to get airtime here will find it easy to soar at both Otto’s Ridge and Reader Mesa. Let me know if you would like join us.


2 thoughts on “Saturday looks good & …

  1. Any idea what was different about wx on saturday vs friday? Thought saturday looked similar to friday and was expecting possible glass off on saturday but east wind became l&v by about 4:30 saturday…

    • Unfortunately predicting glass offs is not easy.
      Lots of sunshine and light surface winds and a west facing launches make glass off’s more likely but do no guarantee them.

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