Saturday looks short

Wednesday’s glass off XC flight was unexpected.  Strong westerly winds at Sugar Loaf had delayed our launch until 5PM and seeing several pilots sled down, I was happy to just launch.  I rolled the dice hoping I might catch a weak thermal but after three 360’s, I was still below launch!

Things improved higher and I was able to slowly climb to 2,000′ above launch.  Since this is my start XC altitude & strong southerly winds were present,  I headed towards Lyons. Here is part of my flight on video and here is my Dorama track.

Saturday looks short with a 30% chance of thunderstorms.  Local forecast calling for easterly winds until this afternoon of the day. Increasing cloudiness.

Thermal soaring forecast is short but strong (1,021’/min): first thermal at 11:30AM and over development at 2PM!

The Ozone Rush 5 continues to be the hot wing. I will have a SM to demo at the fall Ridge Soaring Clinic in Grand Junction  October 4–7th.

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