Saturday will be great postfrontal flying!

Northerly cold front passed through last night. Pressure gradient is -.09″ and winds aloft are light.  NBR showing light and variable winds. Ample sunshine & post frontal conditions today will give active air by midday so I will start with P1’s at 7AM.

3 thoughts on “Saturday will be great postfrontal flying!

  1. Granger – I just saw your video from flying Saturday afternoon. What time did you end up taking off?

    I think I launched at 11:10 or so, but I made it to my son’s soccer game! I had a couple bumps where I stayed level for about 30 seconds. The Ascent Vario is very cool, especially looking at flight logs and comparing them with my GPS Guru Pro tracks on my cell phone app.

    It may be the camera lens, but you appear to stay closer to the hill when first scratching out lift than I am yet comfortable. Also, hard to tell from the video but I assume you usually use both weight shift and brakes for turns?

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