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laser_measure1Is your glider flying strange? Parasoft offers precise laser measuring of line lengths and compares them to factory values to confirm the trim of your paraglider. We have a Bosch GLM 100C that measures your lines to 1 millimeter accuracy. Partial line check $100.

laser_measure2Talk to us about checking that your line trim is still correct.


Reserver repackingReserve Repacks should be done each year so that it opens quickly and easily.  We encourage you to sit in our simulator, talk about when you may use it, and practice deploying it.  $40


Measuring quality of paraglider material

Paragliders can become porous and subject to deep stalls.  Every two years you should have a 9 point porosity check done to see if your wing is still airworthy. In addition we use a Besometer to check overall strength of fabric $40.


We have new paraglider lines and small repairs

We stock all line sizes and can quickly repair you damaged or broken lines for $20 each. We have new paraglider lines and small repairs.

shop_services_horz_850Wing clean up. $35/hour.