Short XC from North Boulder to the Flat Irons

After a great flight at Golden yesterday TJ and I went to North Boulder for an early day flight.  I launched last after Granger, TJ and a two others at   I got up after some mild scratching.  I think my higher launch position helped me get up.  After getting to 9k and cruising around the main ridge I decided to south and try to get a view of the Flat Irons.  I got to the end of the main ridge and snooped around over the rock out-croppings and picked up a screamer to 11.2k.  Interesting about this spot was that all the thermals until this point were drifting northwest but this thermal, at about 9k, had just a very slight northeast drift.    I crossed Boulder Canyon and got to the flat irons at about 8500 hoping to pick up some more screamers.  The wind seemed more south and turbulent and I sank out after cruising around the flat irons a bit. I landed at Chataqua park and got a warning from the Ranger about landing there.  The ranger also advised me that the third Flat Iron from Boulder Canyon is closed for Raptor nesting and to try to not get too low and disturb them.  Straight distance 4.8 miles.  Leonardo link :

All in all a super fun first flight at North Boulder.


2 thoughts on “Short XC from North Boulder to the Flat Irons

  1. I just check Granger’s web site and saw your post, so cool. I remember flying with you and TJ at San Marcos MX earlier this year. How long are you in town? I would really like to get together with you and TJ before you leave. (303-642-1408)

    I just registered for the Colorado Fly Week 2012 (June 30 – July 8) Villa Grove, CO. The geography of the Sangre de Cristo mountains on the east border of south park look amazing, some similairity to San Marcos.

  2. Great flight and info. My last flight in Boulder was 12 min. 225 ft. over launch
    and Golden the 9th 115ft over N.Launch & 11min. Not much at both sites but
    a slow improvement and more confident in the winds we have had seems like
    this year.

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