Sunday as good?

Yesterday’s post frontal conditions provided ample lift for 2 Ozone Delta pilots to soar. First Ted Smith flying a Delta for the first time climbed well over launch saying that he felt quite comfortable flying a Class C wing the first time. Not to be outdone, I launched my Delta and climbed to 2,000′ above launch before heading towards Lyons.  Concerned I was fighting into a head wind, I turned back after a few miles and landed at in Foothills Park.

Today’s pressure gradient is -.05″ and NBR is already showing easterly flow.  Sunny this morning and partly cloud this PM. NOAA weather radio is calling for SE winds 10-15 this afternoon—flight to Lyons?

Starting with P1’s at 7AM but no extra wings.

One thought on “Sunday as good?

  1. Granger –

    I got in an hour-long flight on Sunday afternoon. Conditions improved a bit around 2:30pm and I was able to make the ridge with a single diagonal climb towards the South. The rock wall near the drive up site was the most consistent thermal generator for me. I stayed to the South of upper launch for the entire flight. Maximum altitude was 1700′ over. I got to that altitude several times but the thermals were drifting hard to the West. I was tempted to jump back to the second line of hills behind launch but decided I wasn’t quite high enough to do that safely. Conditions were excellent while it lasted. Winds went North after an hour and I got flushed out.


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