Sunday Flying

Saturday–5/5/12–was quite cloudy and I struggled to stay up 21 minutes and could only climb 1,800′ over launch! I spent the first 5 minutes just climbing to ridge level! Maximum climb rate of lift 500’/min! Tough day to climb! Watch it here.

Sunday looks better this morning with a 30% chance of showers this afternoon.  Post frontal conditions again today with NE winds forecast. NBR reporting SE winds already. I will start with P1’s at 7AM. I hope it is sunnier and we can climb higher today!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Flying

  1. Thanks for posting the video of your flight. I flew right before you and got above the ridge but was unable to climb as high as you did. I spent some time doing figure-8s above the ridge when I probably should have transitioned into 360s. I remember searching for a stronger thermal when I could have just continued with the original thermal that got me to the ridge and worked it as high as it would take me.

    I noticed the way you were crossing your inside leg (hill side) over the outer leg just as soon as you start a new direction on the figure-8s. That’s something I need to remember to do to be prepared to turn away from the ridge when flying low. I also liked the shallow coordinated turns (minimal altitude loss) you were using in the light lift. I think my turns tend to get a bit steep sometimes probably because I’m not putting in enough weight-shift when I initiate the turn.


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