Sunday looks similar to Saturday

Saturday had very short flying window between west winds and active air.

Local forecast calling for west winds this AM. Pressure gradient -.24″ and weather map showing several pressure systems in area and wind likely.

NBR is showing  strong westerly winds 13—-23 m.p.h.!

Winds likely to be westerly this AM and then very active afterwards.

Lessons cancelled.

At 7:30AM winds have turned easterly!

Pressure gradient still very negative -.23″ but winds aloft and mountain winds lighter.

Thermal soaring forecast is excellent (1,498’/min ) starting at 10:30 and over development

by 3PM!

2 thoughts on “Sunday looks similar to Saturday

  1. Hello,

    It was nice talking to you. We are looking for and interested in paragliding session today.Please do let me know your availability and time slot.


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