Sunday looks soarable!

Pressure gradient is -.02″ and winds aloft are light.  NOAA weather radio calling for sunny this morning and NE winds this afternoon.  Post frontal conditions will bring soaring conditions early.  I will start with P1’s at 7AM.

One thought on “Sunday looks soarable!

  1. Well I had a soaring flight some time after 3:00 today. The day seemed like it should be favorable what with the post frontal instability that Granger mentioned and all. It was still pretty quiet early afternoon but I went up to give it a go. Arrived on launch and all the strong cycles were coming from pretty much north. I launched and maintained for a while and landed at the lower landing for the first time ever. I packed back up and launched again in a southeasterly cycle. The air was quite forgiving today and one good thermal took me 2000+ over. Then I got nervous about being so far back and came back out front but no more big lift came through. Nice day and nice flight

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