Sunday looks sunny and active!

Pressure gradient -.13″ yet sunny conditions will get up slope flow started early.  Sunny skies and low humidity with high pressure in area—30.10″—will give active flying conditions by midday. Only 10% chance of thunderstorms this PM so more afternoon soaring flights like James’ yesterday likely?

Will start with P2’s at 8AM.

3 thoughts on “Sunday looks sunny and active!

  1. A great flight and if I would have started my verio it would have gone over 50 minutes so I clocked in at 49:53 with 7717 max altitude and 660 feet per minute of lift.

  2. We had good luck for the second day in a row in the late afternoon. A half dozen of us or so were hanging out on launch after 3:00. Some had been there over an hour. All the strong cycles were coming in from the north and nobody was using them. Someone, don’t remember who, took the initiative and launched and started floating upwards so then a number of people followed. There were three of us who got lifted 3000 feet over. I went north to the swift launch area and then got too low so went back to the park. I peaked a little under 10000 and flew an hour.

  3. I was up flying at the same time as James and a few others. Got nearly 3000′ feet over launch and headed north across the canyon headed towards Lyons. Lost a ton of altitude in the crossing (there was a pretty strong North wind component) and did not immediately find any new lift on the north side so I turned back. There were several gliders going XC from Golden in the neighborhood. At least this time we were up there mixing it up with them. In the end they continued on towards Lyons. I don’t know if any of our crew went with them or not. Flight time was around 45 minutes. I went up for one last flight and it was nice and boaty, kind of like a glass off but not very strong. The last flight only lasted 10 minutes or so as the conditions were getting very light. Seems like maybe we should be checking out the late day conditions on a more regular basis.


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