Sunday looks windy also!

Pressure gradient -.17″ and local aviation forecast calling for west winds all day. NCAR already showing strong west winds. NBR lighter.     

NOAA weather radio calling for west winds this afternoon.  Thermal soaring forecast shows west winds all day.

Ground handling looks possible this AM before strong west winds this PM. Let me know if interested.

I will offer lessons Monday–Thursday next week but local forecast shows west winds again on Monday.  Tuesday?

3 thoughts on “Sunday looks windy also!

  1. What’s causing the west wind at the surface today? Winds aloft are fairly light and there appears to be plenty of heating. Not what I would expect. Hot air balloons are up.

  2. Drew,
    Good question. Pressure Difference: -0.18 in (Boulder-Eagle) This is right on the boarder for west winds. Higher pressure to the west is battling with morning up slope flow. Perhaps you can fly this morning but west winds will come later. When?

  3. Drew,
    9:15 AM: Inversion has broken and NBR is reporting strong west winds. Hopefully the balloons are on the ground. Not much window for PG pilots that want some lift.

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