Sunday starts post frontal & breezy

Sunday looks like active post frontal conditions after passage of a NW cold front during the night. NBR is already showing strong up slope flow—17 m.p.h.—which I expect to moderate as front leaves area.

3 thoughts on “Sunday starts post frontal & breezy

  1. Hi Granger – its Dylan Taylor. I’m in Boulder for 4 days visiting family. Did I miss the best conditions ever last night? I was in a medical refresher class till 6. I think I’ll head up today if the NBR winds shift any more easterly. Ciao! DT

      • Oh I went at 11:00. It was great. Very strong – up to 4m/s at times, with nice, solid SE breeze. A bit turbulent, but lots of fun. I could have stayed up there all day but I had to fight my way down for lunch with my dad. I might go out one more day this week before I fly back to France. Ciao! -DT

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