Sunday starts windy then slows

Pressure gradient .04″ and NBR is down.  Low passing over area right now. Strong northerly winds exist at DIA and Fort Collins early this AM. Expect these to decrease as low moves away and flying to be  good and warmer by midday.

Weather is warming and north winds are not here. We will start at 11 AM.

Too cold and windy!

2 thoughts on “Sunday starts windy then slows

  1. Hey Guys, The Lookout pilots had a meeting 12/19 /12 and one topic was setting up to land in the main LZ. I do S-turns mostly or airplane aproaches if I am high enough. with first bar ( never had to use main ) A topic to get Granger
    & TJ to talk about in the blog. Merry Christmas.

  2. Irve,
    I assume you mean by “first bar” speed bar?
    I avoid using mine close to ground as you are more likely to have some big deflations and ….
    Merry XMass to you too. It is cold and windy here. I look forward to Mexico P2 January 20-27th. You coming?

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