Sunday’s jet stream and how to get in magic air

The last 2 late afternoons 2 different pilots have encountered magic area and had long, smooth flights. On Friday I saw John King have such a flight and again this afternoon Dave Morgan had another such flight, Dave reported smooth air for 55 minutes long and climbing 1,500′ above launch!

How can you get such a flight?

First clear skies and significant heating must have occurred this day. Second your timing mush be right. Glass off or magic air occurs when the sun no longer heats the hill and cooler  air descends and pushes the warmer air still in the sun to rise,  Sunset today was at 6:07 PM and Dave launched at about 4;00 PM. Similar timing for John King’s glass off flight yesterday.  So plan to launch 2 hours before sunset  when the hill is just starting to get shade to get a similar experience.  Be sure you have practiced your decent techniques should the lift be too much for you.

On Sunday the jet stream is back!   Winds aloft are 41 knots at 9K!  NOAA weather radio and local forecast calling for strong westerly winds on Sunday and Monday.

Lessons cancelled.

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