Sunday looks sunnier and stronger!

Saturday was short with clouds and over development coming quickly.  I was only able to get my Delta 3 600′ over but Larry got his Delta 3 higher and was able to fly over to Mount Sanitas. Ty showed us acrobatics to get down quickly as the skies darkened.

Regional map shows clearer skies for Sunday.  Humidity is 43% and 20% chance of thunderstorms. Thermal soaring forecast is excellent—1,100’/min—starting at 10:45AM  and no over development forecast—nor sure I believe this with so much humidity.


Winds sock down!

Christmas’s strong winds blew windsock on ridge at North Boulder down!

I hope we can get it reinstalled soon!

This month’s jet stream winds winds have been too strong and I look forward to my trip to Tapalpa, Mexico next month.

One week is full but I may add another week January 23—30th if there is demand. Let me know if you want to get out of the wind!

Saturday looks dry and sunny!

Regional weather map show High pressure and clear skies continue to dominate area. Local forecast calls for light easterly winds all day.  Pressure gradient  -.23″ and NBR showing light and variable winds early so could be late morning before steady up slope flow starts. Thermal soaring forecast is good starting at 12:30PM.

Friday saw some light soaring and a few top landings.

Sunday looks soft!

Regional weather map shows passage of a weak cold front and partially cloudy skies. Local forecast calls for light easterly flow all day. Pressure difference is +.10″ and NBR reporting light and variable winds early.

Be aware that wind sock was taken down from tank above so watch for other sighs of tailwinds or check NBR before launching. I am requesting permission to install windsock in different location.

Winds aloft light and thermal soaring forecast fair—400’/min due to cloud coverage. No over development so fair all day.

Saturday looks catabatic!

Regional weather map cloudy conditions over area. Local forecast calls for westerly winds all day. Pressure gradient -.05″ and NBR showing west winds.

NOAA weather radio calling for strong west winds by time things heat up.

Winds aloft very high—31 m.p.h. at 9K!

Hope Sunday will be as Thursday was when several of us caught thermals and soared!

3 pilots signed up for Tapalpa, Mexico

Saturday before the storm!

Friday’s cold front brought strong  often gusty NE winds and active flying.

Regional weather map shows clear skies and high pressure over area on Saturday. Local weather forecast shows easterly winds Saturday before strong west winds on Sunday!

Pressure difference -.1″ and NBR showing light and variable winds.

Thermal soaring forecast is good–525’/min— starting at 10:30AM and no over development.