Monday’s smoke slows easterly winds!

The day started with lost of smoke and light west winds.  Local forecast calls for easterly flow most of the day. Thermal soaring forecast is excellent—-1,400’/min—starting at 10:30AM with over development at 6PM. Is the haze factored into this?  NBR is showing   west winds early. When will sunshine arrive and give us up slope flow?

Meanwhile, watch our smooth glass off flight last evening?

Sunday Evening glass off flight.

Saturday looks like west winds!

Winds aloft are very high! Sugar Loaf is reporting strong winds gusting to 36 m.p.h.! Jet stream is over CO!

Local weather forecast calls for west winds for next 3 days!

Have posted 2 videos from last weeks ridge soaring clinic.

Have 2 deposits for the February Tapalpa, Mexico Trip. Let me know if for you want a spot—airline tickets still very low!

Received an order of the updated Ascent H1 GPS Varios.  They now come in a variety of colors and are still only $349!

ascent_varioNew Ascent vario has GPS built in for only $349!

Friday looks windy and wet!

Satellite map shows abundant moisture  over area. Temperature/temperature dew point spread is only 12 degrees and humidity is 64%! Local forecast calling for 60% chance of rain.  Pressure difference -.13″ and   NBR showing NW winds.

Barometric pressure dropping, pressure difference increasing to -.15″, and west winds increasing!  Not looking good!