Sunday looks cloudy!

Sunday looks partly cloud as a result of of cool front that passed by last night and seen on regional weather map Local forecast calls for light winds until noon.  Thermal soaring forecast is good but not starting till 12:45PM and only 590’/min!  No over development forecast! NBR showing light and variable winds and partly cloudy skies.

What will come first—rain or thermals? Yesterday no over development was forecast but it rained twice.

Sunday looks sunny & clear!

Regional weather mapshows clear skies and high pressure. Local weather forecast showing easterly winds till 3PM.  Winds aloft are light at (K & 12K!  Snow has mostly melted from the hill. Thermal soaring forecast is good—643’/min starting at 11:30AM with over development at 3PM!
Looks like a short day!

NBR is showing light up slope early!

I will start hiking at 9AM!

New Years Day

Thanks to Jono & Todd the windsock on the North Boulder Ridge was reinstalled on Saturday! Many of us got sled rides.

Sunday looks similar. Jet stream is to the north of us. Winds aloft are lighter. Local weather forecast shows another day of light easterly winds. NBR showing light and variable winds.

Happy new year and time to think about  adding another week in Tapalpa, Mexico January 23–30th?

I have reservations to fly—3 hour direct flight—to Guadalajara, Mexico  on Monday, January 23 with Volaris Airlines for ~$150!

I have 2 less experienced pilots coming on Friday, January 27th to get started early before rest of group comes on Monday, January 30th. This group it full.

If you want to come early, let me know and we can fit you in.

Details at


Saturday not looking good!

Friday’s flying was late because up slope flow was slow to develop & then  very smooth with no soaring flights.

Saturday looks worst. Local weather forecast shows no easterly flow until 11AM. Regional weather maps shows cloudy skies and limited heating.

NBR showing westerly winds. Pressure difference -.27″!

NBR now showing east winds and sun is out!

Catching the next cold front!

Thursday afternoon saw a cold front passage with excellent ridge soaring potential. Unmentioned in weather forecast it passed by about 11AM with strong NE flow.  I watched several pilots effortlessly soar around before I caught a ride to the drop off site. My launch and climb was easy but it took about 10 minutes to reach the North end of ridge in a strong head wind but climbing continuously to 4oo’ over. I then boated around for 1/2 hour.

Friday shows not cold front passage either.  Local forecast shows light easterly flow.

Thermal soaring forecast is poor but I see sunshine and a clear sky!  NBR is light early but watch my Sunday flight while waiting to catch the next cold front!

Slow Sunday!

The National Weather Service has announced a dense fog advisory till 10AM for the front range.  The thermal soaring forecast is poor with maximum strength of 170’/min!  Regional weather map shows cloudy skies over entire state!  NBR showing light and variable winds and cloudy skies—I cannot see launch from my house!

Will update if conditions look better!

10AM: scattered clouds and tank visible. NBR showing light upslope!

Sunday should also get windy!

Saturday was good until about 10AM when west winds started. Today looks similar with NOAA forecasting strong west winds.  Local weather forecast calls for increasing westerly winds.  Winds aloft are very high!  Sugar Loafand NBR showing only light west winds now but watch out when inversion breaks!

Received several new videos from Kerry and Bruce and posted another of Granger’s from our Ridge Soaring Clinic in Grand Junction last weekend.

Got another Tapalpa, Mexico trip deposit yesterday so trip is filling up!