Friday looks furious!

The trees are shaking and I am measuring 27 m.p.h. west winds! Pressure gradient -.37″! Local forecast  calls for strong west winds all day.  Saturday and Sunday look much better.


Received this note from OSMP  yesterday afternoon:

Temporary Area and Trail Closure
to improve prairie dog relocation success

Prairie Dog Relocation- Progress and Conclusion

In accordance with the city’s Urban Wildlife Management Plan and Open Space and Mountain Parks Grassland Ecosystem Management Plan, the City of Boulder worked with contractors throughout 2013 and 2014 to trap and relocate prairie dogs from this area to an Open Space and Mountain Parks Grassland Preserve.  The preserve is located south of Boulder and has been designated as an area where prairie dog colonies are desired and are consistent with the land management goals.

Trapping efforts have successfully resulted in approximately 99% (644) of the prairie dogs being relocated from here to the preserve where they are thriving.  Approximately 1% of the prairie dog population remains on site.  The few prairie dogs which remain have been difficult to capture.

We are nearing the end of the project, and city of Boulder staff, relocation contractors and volunteers would like to maximize trapping potential.  In an effort to avoid or minimize lethal control at the conclusion of this multi-year trapping effort, areas surrounding the Foothills Trail (including the Old Kiln Trail and Paragliding Access Trail) are closed to all uses from November 12th-24th, 2014  (please see map below).  This closure will be strictly enforced!

This lack of human presence in the colony will maximize the chances that prairie dogs will spend time above ground where they may enter traps.

We appreciate your cooperation with this closure and support for our efforts to maximize use of non-lethal prairie dog management options in this area.

I have asked OSMP to reopen the Dakota Ridge Flying Site—1 mile to the north—during the 12 day closure. If you wish the same, send a note to

Jim Reeder : ReederJ [at] bouldercolorado [dot] gov

No Tuesdays flying before Obama arrives:

Pressure gradient -.15″ and NBR showing significant westerly winds. Local weather forecast calling for westerly winds all day.

TFR will prohibit all flying due to presidents visit this afternoon:

==> 30 NM RADIUS TFR <==
On the JEFFCO VOR/DME (BJC) 300 degree radial at 8.8 nautical miles
Surface to 17,999-ft-MSL

5:00 PM local until 8:30 PM local Tuesday, April 24, 2012