Slow start Sunday

Regional weather map shows much clouds to the SW as monsoonal flow continues. Local forecast shows light winds all day.  Humidity is 60% but large temperature dew point spread.  Pressure gradient -.18″ so east winds will take awhile to develop.

NBR showing light west winds early. Need to see up slope flow at NBR before starting.

20% chance of thunderstorms this PM.

Sunday weather looks similar to Saturday’s

Saturday flying was a long wait but eventually heating did overcome strong negative pressure gradient(-.22″) and we were able to fly first about 10:30AM.

Pressure gradient is also strongly negative again today at -.23″! Regional weather map shows many clouds over area—-so limited heating? Local forecast shows NE flow until 3PM.   NBR showing light westerly winds.

30% chance of thunderstorms this PM.

Keep monitoring NBR for up slope flow.  NBR now showing no wind! Sun shine on slope and barometric pressure rising at front range airports. Start at 8AM.

Short Saturday

Local forecast call for up slope flow this AM. Local weather map shows high pressure to west and low pressure to east. Pressure gradient  -.18″ but DIA pressure stable. NE flow today but 60% chance of thunderstorms this PM.    NBR showing no winds early.

Will start a Will start a 7AM  this morning to get flights before thunderstorms this PM.

New P1’s starting at 10:30AM.