Thursday looks good

Wednesday was a humid day with several threats to over development.  Derrick & I climbed up  early and he got his first thermal soaring forecast climbing up with 360’s.  I saw the quickly developing clouds and launched soon thereafter and climbed constantly as I headed towards Boulder Reservoir. I landed at Gateway Park.

Thursday looks like a short day also due to strong southerly winds and thunderstorms forecast in the PM.   Regional weather map shows frontal activity to the NW!

Pressure difference -.13″.

Local forecast shows light easterly winds this AM. NBR showing light and variable winds.

Will start with P1’s at 8AM.

Thermal soaring forecast is excellent starting at 10:45 with over development by 3PM!

Smooth Saturday?

Regional weather map shows abundant clouds over area. Local weather forecast calls for easterly windsl  by 9AM. NBR reporting light and variable winds with a humidity of 40%.Pressure gradient very negative at -.25″!  Chance of drizzle this AM and 20% Chance of thunderstorms this PM.

At 8AM NBR is showing west winds and cloudy skies!

At 10AM NBR is still showing light westerly winds but barometric pressure is rising at Front Range Airports!


Wednesday looks weak

Sunday turned out to be a great day with pilots going XC midday and soaring until late PM.  Concerned about approaching west winds I launched at 12:15PM in active conditions and easily climbed to 2,000′ above launch before getting away from the mountains and heading for Boulder Reservoir. Lex passed under me and headed for Lyons. Another group avoided the active conditions and did not launch until near 5PM.

Wednesday shows a very negative pressure gradient of -.27″ and light and variable winds at NBRLocal forecast calls for easterly winds by 9AM. When will adiabatic heating overcome large negative pressure gradient?