Wednesday looks good!

Passage of cold front on Tuesday created great flying conditions. I watch pilots soaring from early morning to near sun set!

Local weather forecast  on Wednesday calls for NE flow all day with low chance—10%—of thunderstorms this PM!

Pressure gradient -.09″ and NBR already reporting up slope flow.

Let me know when you want to start.

Starting at 8:00AM.

Friday looks short again

Yesterday showed a short break for flying in the morning.  Friday looks similar.

Regional weather map show clear skies but 2 Low pressure systems and a front in region.

Local weather forecast shows easterly winds this AM and west winds this PM.

NBR showing light and variable winds. No pressure gradient reported.

We will start at 8AM again today.

Thursday looks good this AM!

Regional weather maps shows High to west and Low to east of area.

Local weather forecast shows westerly winds this afternoon.  Pressure gradient is -.20″ but barometric pressure is rising at front range airports. Much sunshine this AM.

NBR is showing lift and variable winds.

We will start at 8AM.


A new P1 student was able to get his first 2 flights in before winds went west.