Tuesday looks good!

Thermal soaring forecast for Tuesday is good—-500’/min starting at 10:45 AM with no over development.  Regional map shows high pressure and clear skies over area. Local forecast shows NE flow today. Winds aloft have not been updated, but Sugar Loaf is light.

NBR showing light and variable winds early.


Strong NW winds aloft persist. Not worth the risk.

Sunday looks cloudy!

Local weather forecast calls for cloudy skies over area with  light NE  flow.  Humidity is high ~70% but streets are dry. NBR is showing calm winds.  Slight change of rain this AM.

Given cloudy conditions and no up slope flow early, lets wait until 8AM to start.

Despite the cloudy skies, a P1 student got his first two flights and P2 students worked towards the rating with 3 more flights.

Sunday looks mostly west

Weather maps shows approaching Canadian Cold Front—–NE flow! Local weather forecast shows  west winds early then moderate NE flow at noon—-when cold front arrives?

NBR still down but I can see SW flow from my window.  NCAR showing 8-16 m,p,h, out of SW! Pressure gradient -.2″! Cloudy skies preventing up slope heating.

Local airports reporting mostly west winds.

I will be in l.z. at 8AM for ground handling—-flying?