Slow Saturday?

Regional weather map shows cloudy skies moving away from area. Looks like clear skies to west.   Thermal soaring forecast is only good—400’/min—because of high level clouds?  No over development forecast so perhaps conditions will improve later.

Posted my flight at the Cove in Utah—wish we had a 2,000′ vertical drive up site for mornings like today.

Also have a Ozone Rush and Swift 4 on my used paraglider page. Let me know if you want to demo them.

Monsoon season is here!

The monsoon season is upon us with short soaring periods before thunderstorms. My best reference for this is the thermal soaring forecast.  It calls for thermal to start at 10:30AM and to be over developed—rain & gusty winds at  3PM! Thermals will strengthen up to 1,100’/ minute near time of over development so come early for smoother air!

Winds aloft are light and little pressure difference.  Today I hope to finally fly my new Delta 3!

I have posted another of my Rat Race Videos that shows the rules—this was a left turn day—and challenges of flying with 230 other pilots.

Surprising Short Saturday

Although we are approaching the shortest day of the year, today looks seasonably very warm in the 50’s! Local weather forecast calls for up slope winds all day.

Weather map shows cloudy skies and approaching NW cold front so favorable weather will be short with snow by Sunday. NBR showing light and variable winds.

Let me know when you want to start.

Thursday drier but west winds?

Partly cloudy skies this morning and 50% chance of thunderstorms this P.M. Local forecast shows west winds all day.

Pressure gradient -.19″ but NBR is down due to lightening strike so reports come from Quince Avenue below.   I see west winds on wind sock at NBR.   Waiting for wind direction to switch up slope.

7:50AM wind has switched to  east.  8:00AM start?

Help North Boulder Re-open!

I encourage you let your opinions be know to OSMP about the nearly one month closure—flooding was 9/12—of our only flying site in Boulder. You can call Jim Reeder at 303.859.1555 or email him at ReederJ [at] bouldercolorado [dot] gov
You can also come to OSMP board meeting Wednesday at 6PM at the Municipal Building—Canyon & Arapahoe or do them all.

We pilots need to have our voices heard and express our willingness to volunteer to help restore our only access trail—-several of us hiked the trail during the temporary opening and saw no serious problems. Ask OSMP what prevents us from safely hiking it or what further damage our hiking could cause. If North Boulder is really too damaged will they re-open other flying site they have allowed us to fly in the past?

Take a few moments to help restore flying in Boulder.
I’ll be at the meeting.
From: “Reeder, Jim” <ReederJ [at] bouldercolorado [dot] gov>
Date: October 8, 2013 at 12:57:27 PM MDT
To: ‘GRANGER BANKS’ <grangerbanks [at] gmail [dot] com>
Cc: “Gonzales, Michele” <GonzalesMi [at] bouldercolorado [dot] gov>
Subject: RE: Update on OSMP Land Closures

First let me say that Michele did forward your Oct 2 email to me last week. It was one of many that I got, and am still getting, asking for some change to our recovery process. I apologize that I did not get to your email and get back to you.

The answers to your questions are:
The rule was made by the OSMP Flood Recovery Management team after considerable discussion about how to protect the OSMP natural resources, offer some level of system use by the public, not overload the parts of the system that we do open and at the same time be as fair as possible to the most people.

You can talk to me about the silliness if you would like. You always have the option to talk to our Board as well. As it happens, their next meeting is tomorrow night, 6:00, Municipal Building.

Jim Reeder