Sunday’s steady west?

Weather map shows it well:  High to the west and Low to the east. Pressure gradient is -.21″ and local forecast calls for light west winds this morning then increasing.

I will meet pilots in park at 9AM for ground handling—a skill we can all improve!

Saturday was a busy day at the hill.  I saw P1’s flying from the lower and 3/4 launch continually. At one point I counted 11 pilots getting ready to fly from the upper launch! Good to have the site back in operation!

North Boulder site open again but west …

Note from OSMP: The Wonderland Lake Paragliding/Hang gliding Trail access has been opened as of today.  Commercial operations in the area may resume under normal requirements.  Off-trail and night time restrictions continue to remain in place.

Local forecast shows west winds all day. Pressure gradient is -.25 and NBR is showing light west winds.  West winds at my house also. Barometric pressure dropping and partly cloudy skies at most front range airports. Will up slope heating be enough to over power large negative pressure gradient?

Ground handling is possible until then, let me know when you want to start.

Winds aloft are strong and mountain winds also. Will ground handle 10–12AM.



Sunday: west winds & closure continue!

Local weather map shows High to the west and Low to the east. Pressure gradient is -.25″ and barometric pressure at front range airports is falling! Cloudy skies will allow little anabatic heating so west winds likely to continue. NOAA weather radio is calling for west winds10-15 this morning.

North Boulder trail still remains closed.

Contact me if you want to work on ground handling—-reverse launches and kiting in park are possible.

Saturday looks sweet but short

Monsoonal flow continues—good flying in the morning and over development in the PM.

Pressure gradient -.18″ but front range barometric pressure is rising and sunny. Local forecast calling for east winds. Only 20% chance of rain today but gusty condition more likely.

Will start with P2’s at 8AM.

At 10 AM have new group of P1’s starting ground handling & good time to practice ground handling & reverse launches?

Soft Saturday

Weather map shows clouds over most of states and humidity is high so expect soft flying today.  Local weather forecast shows easterly flow all day with 20% chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. NBR already showing easterly winds.

Will start with P2 students at 8AM. Let me know if you need a wing.

Thermal soaring forecast is out calling for good thermal conditions @678’/min starting at 10:45 with now over development!