Sunday looks suspcious!

Weather map shows arrival of NW cold front.   NBR showing steady NW winds. State weather round up showing barometric pressure dropping at all metro airports and gust winds at sever airports.  Pressure gradient -.26″!   Waiting for signs of up slope flow.

Despite local forecast calling for up slope flow today, I am seeing steady NW flow at NBR and cancelling lessons today.

Thursday is a slow start

Regional weather map show High to west and Low to east and pressure gradient of -.2″.  NBR showing westerly winds 8–9 mph.    Need to wait for sun and up slope flow.

30% chance of thunderstorms this PM.

Pressure difference has dropped to -.23″ and light west winds continue.

9:00 AM: It is cloudy but winds have reversed. Let me know if you wan to fly.

Sunday looks great also!

Saturday was great and I counted 4 pilots soaring in the PM!

Sunday looks similar but perhaps more moisture and clouds.  Regional weather map shows clear skies and High pressure over area.  Pressure gradient -.19″ but local forecast calls for easterly winds though early afternoon.  NBR showing light and variable winds this AM but cloudiness by this PM.

We will start at 8AM.