Thursday looks windy!

Wednesday was wonderful as I predicted yesterday.  Will started his XC on his Delta 2 at 1:30PM and made it to nearly Ft. Collins. Travis and I—on my Delta 2 were soaring North Boulder from 5—6PM.  I am putting video together now.

Thursday: Regional weather map shows passage of NW cold front. Local weather forecast shows westerly winds all day. NOAA weather radio confirms this. Pressure gradient -.21″!  NBR showing west winds.

Sunny Saturday!

Things have finally dried out with only at 10% chance of thunderstorms!

Pressure gradient i -.19″ but abundant sunshine should heat up anabatic up slope flow.

Regional weather map shows that high pressure dominates area. Local forecast calls for easterly winds this AM.  NBR showing westerly winds early but heating should change this. We will start at 7:30AM.

Similar Slow Sunday?

Sunday should again be slow heating due to cloudy skies. Saturday showed good thermalling in the PM with several pilots getting up very high.

Weather map showing cloudy skies of area.  NBR showing light and variable winds. Pressure gradient -.2″.Local weather forecast showing NE flow today.

We will start with P1’s again today at 7AM.

20% chance of thunderstorms this PM.