Short, soarable Sunday?

High humidity and clouds are present again. This really limited the amount of heating and thermal development yesterday and gave us over development concerns.

Humidity is 40% and front range airports are mostly cloudy with pressure rising.   NBR is showing light winds.  We will start at 8AM as there is again a 20% chance of thunderstorms this PM.

I have 4 used and new Ozone Buzz Z4‘s and many harnesses in stock. This PM might be a good time to consider gear.

Thursday looks good again before …

Thursday looks very similar to Wednesday where we had good flights all day with light thermals. Several flights were possible.

Thursday’s thermal forecast is better with lift to 500’/min starting at 11AM.  Winds aloft are light and pressure gradient is only -.05″!  NBR is already showing up slope flow.

Let me know when you want to start.

Forecast continue to call for significant snow staring Friday afternoon.

Thursday as good?

Yesterday afternoon was fantastic for soaring. My P1’s launched at 4PM and Dave’s first flight was 10 minutes from the lower launch in smooth and buoyant air! About I watched Lex and another P3 pilot float around for 1 1/2 hours! Passing weak Canadian Cold Front have caused post frontal conditions. Check NBR and consider an evening flight again today.

Pressure gradient -.06″ and high pressure dominating area. West winds at NBR and Sugar Loaf. I will start with P1’s at 3pm.